Friday, 25 July 2008

Knitting in Groups...

With my holidays coming up, knitting activities are lining up. I plan to dramatically increase knitting time. Seems to me I am repeating myself... I plan for knitting time but somehow it gets dropped off of my schedule! LOL!

Yesterday evening I had the chance to meet someone new in the knitting community! I went to a new knitting group and one person was waiting patiently by herself. I am really happy she waited as I was late due to a crisis at the office. My stress showed in my knitting and Yvonne's sanity kept me from losing my mind. We chit chatted about a lot of things in knitting and learned of this hand spun, hand painted yarn made from silk and camel hair. My interest is totally piqued by this yarn and will surely check it out.

While knitting last night, Yvonne told me of another event taking place this coming Thursday at a local yarn shop. It is an all day knitting event where knitted items will be donated to a local homeless haven. Being a supporter of charities, I accepted to participate and will be knitting away on Thursday evening. I am so excited by these knitting commitments which actually force me to schedule knitting time in my agenda!

Knitting in groups is the best! You learn of knitting things, events, meet new people and get some knitting done! What more could you ask for??

Planning some knitting time tonight while doing laundry and watching the tube with my daughter. :o)

Today is a gorgeous sunny day and when I get home, my porch will be the spot with a nice vodka cooler and a book while my daughter catches up with her friends at home. She was away at Dad's place all week and misses playing with her friends.

By the way... my car passed its emissions test with flying colors!!! Woohoo!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Until next post...


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