Friday, 4 July 2008

I want the SLOW lane.

So much has happened in the last month! I won't let this post turn into a boring long book, but it has been hectic.

In summary:

Summer is here! The sun, the heat, the humidity, the tanned skin, the shoeless sockless foot, warm sandy beaches and lush green grass to lie in... I could go on and on... I love it!

School is out for the kids, which means summer vacation plans and making sure they have some place to go while I work the month of July away.

NEW JOB!!!! I applied in April and received my letter of offer a week ago! Less stress, more pay... GREAT MOVE!

Looking forward to taking the month of August off, going to my BF's Dad's cottage, knitting my days away on the beach, on my front porch, under a tree in the park, picnics in the park with the kids, bike rides and walks, going to summer festivals, country fairs, etc...

Lots of overtime. My month of July is jam packed with overtime as I get this office cleaned up and ready for my successor. One last push to the end!

Knitting... my everyday dream... I dream of doing it constantly but my time is filled with other things and that does not include watching TV. I am not a tv watcher. I will have to resolve by taking the bus on a more regular basis to increase my knitting time. My Sens sweater is slowly inching forward and so is my second (first) sock... I am saying second (first) sock as the original first one was never truly completed due to a lost stitch.

This coming weekend, I will attend the Ottawa Bluesfest on Saturday evening. The rest of the time is at work, mostly.

Do you ever feel like you're running a never ending race? No matter what you do, something unexpected happens and the rest of your ordinary life is shot to h*ll. Is there not a slow lane I can move to for a while? I feel exhausted a lot and I feel I have no time for myself. Time for some holiday time!

Until next post...


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