Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I know why I'm with him...

The evening of my birthday could not have been more perfect... had I had been standing, I may have swooned to my knees quite a few times.

I got to my BF's place after work, dropped my work bag and purse in the entrance, greeted the cats (his sister's cat is boarding there too now) and got myself a cold diet Pepsi. The cats were begging to go outside so they joined me with my knitting on the front porch. My BF had told me he would be home by 6:30pm so I decided to keep knitting like a maniac to get the scarf finished for the knitting event tomorrow night. I had the needles flying on the bus ride home as well.

BF showed up and barely said boo and rushed in the door with grocery bags galore. I was busily chatting with the neighbor and their 5 year old daughter. The neighbor retreated to his house and I brought the cats in BF's house and he announced he was cooking dinner for me. He ordered me to sit and relax after I asked him if he needed any help. Hmmm.... I was up for that! Quickly, before he changed his mind, I went back to my knitting. A few minutes later, a glass of Shiraz appeared before my eyes! I instantly ditched the Pepsi and indulged in the wine.

After sitting there by myself, I felt guilty so with wine and knitting in hand, I went to join him on the back deck where he was busily grilling on the barbecue. We chatted over wine and knitting (for me) and beer (for him).

Once the meal was ready, we savoured his famous home made fajitas (this guy can cook!). These were delicious! I could see he had planned everything with detail. He asked me to relax after my meal and he went back in the house and I again picked up my knitting. A few moments later, he came out singing Happy Birthday with a cake lit up with candles... My! When he put the cake down and I blew the candles, I gawked over the cake! A chocolate brownie caramel cheesecake! I love caramel, chocolate and cheesecake!!! My mouth is still watering at the thought of it. Look at this!

I let every bite of that piece of cake linger in my mouth as I long as I could. Mmm MMMMMMM!

He gave me a birthday card that was very emotional. A poem by Emily Matthews by the title of "You're Still The One" *sniff*

He slipped back in the house, then came back outside and asked me to walk into the living room. Walking in slowly, I discovered candles, lavender candles! I love lavender. We sat together... watched a movie and then the rest is... well... between us. :o)

He put so much into the evening... just for me... nothing I ever experienced before... and I could see how happy he was to do it all. I feel so special when I'm with him.

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