Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I have it!!!!

It's not my birthday yet, but my BF surprised me last night with this!

He figured I would want it for a knit along I will be participating in on Ravelry. My very first knit along! I will make the time to participate! There is one pattern in this book I absolutely love. The procedures for this knit along are vague to me. We are now voting for a designer and Joan McGowan-Michael is the leading one.

Yikes! Guilty of starting another project soon!

There is something exciting going on at Ravelry!!! The RAVELYMPICS 2008!! With so many things on the go with little time, I want to dedicate time to this event so I chose to compete in the Designer Discus event. My Toddler Holiday Sweater is my item of choice. I cast on during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics and I have until the last competing day to finish my item. Woohoo! I'm a little nervous at doing this... funny though... I knit better under stress anyway... like at 2am while beat tired and frantically knitting to finish a piece.

Hmmmm...I just thought of something... I may just knit the sleeves of my Holiday Sweater first! Then I will see more how long the body should be compared to the armholes. I am not allowed to cast it on until the Opening Ceremonies... but I can swatch, draw, plan to my heart's desire until then!

My stargazer lily bouquet is just gorgeous! Look at them! :o)

Until next post...


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