Friday, 18 July 2008

Doin' the Friday Dance!! :o)

It is FRIDAY! Woohoo! This week has been horrendous at the office.

On the agenda tonight....

Shopping at Dollarama, Shopper's Drug Mart and The Great Canadian Superstore. YEY!

Cleaning. Booooooo!

Doing a French manicure and painting my toe nails with a glass of wine. YEY!!

Saturday, we are entertaining friends and then going over to their place for drinks and munchies (they have a little one who needs an early bedtime).

BF asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and honestly, I couldn't think of anything on the spot. But then I remembered this:

I saw it at Chapters and fell in love with the patterns! So exquisite! So fashionable! So feminine and young! So SEXY! Unbelievable the treasures that can come from two sticks and yarn. I sent him a pic of a book. I will spare you the comment that I got from him. LOL! I SO WANT THAT BOOK! While flipping through the pages, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Sunday, my sisters and I are taking Mom out for her birthday. Psssst! Guess what?? After years of her being single, she found a boyfriend! Woohoo! I am SOOOOO happy for her! I have not met him yet, but I have heard about him. :o)

Off to the rat race again. My 10 minute lunch hour is over.

Look what BF got me!! My favorite!!

Until next post...


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