Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Birthday Party Preparations

On August 8th, my son will be turning 9 years old. He requested a sleepover with some friends. We are going to drive around town this evening to drop off the invites to his friends. Needless to say, he is excited!

Friday night:

7pm - Guests arrive
7:30pm - Serving of cake
8pm - Games (I have to find something original and funny... like dressing a doll as
fast as you can)
9pm - getting the sleeping area ready and movie and munchies
11pm - lights out (Yah right! As if they will sleep!)
7am - Mom crawls out of bed to check that the basement is still intact and get coffee
7:30am - start preps for top your own pancake breakfast
Wait for the boys to wake up and dress...
9am - breakfast
9:45am - wash-up boys and dishes
10am - Give out goodie bags / boys free play / Mom cleans up.
11am - send off

Darn... no time for a knitting class with them! I don't think my son would be impressed... it is not cool to have a knitting class at your birthday party! LOL!

Toddler's Holiday sweater design is slow but I got to test a smaller sized needles and I believe this does the trick.

I re-organized my kitchen last night. When I went to my friend's place before heading out to the beach with her on Saturday, she gave me a tour of her place. She is single and has no kids. You should see her place... no nick nacks anywhere, not even a bill on the kitchen counter!!! It is so clean!! That made me feel totally embarassed about my place which looks cluttered with everything I need to keep up with the kids' schedules. My kitchen is just a little space with cupboards, sink, stove and refrigerator. Clutter accumulates easily in there. It took me two hours of work last night and now I love my kitchen! Everything has its spot! I realized I need cupboard space, therefore, I am looking into building a corner cabinet in my dining room as a food pantry. This evening, I'll focus on order in my dining room and living room.

The kids are off to La Ronde in Montreal tomorrow. Thursday evening, I'll be weeding my backyard gardens... they are totally neglected as I am hardly home. Then it will be knitting and relax time.

Until next post...


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