Monday, 14 July 2008

Beach blast!

So much for bringing my camera to the beach! I never took pictures. We had so much fun that it was not until I picked up the camera bag when we were packing to go that I realized I had no pics! LOL! Honest to God I never knew that the Ottawa River near Shawville was so beautiful! It looks like a lake with a beach! Food, sun, water, beach, good friends... what more could you ask for? I did find these pics of the beach online. :o)

After the sun and beach, we went to a talent show called Copycat Opery in Portage, QC. What a nice little town! There was maybe 60 people in attendance (the town only has 300 people) but they sure have some talent. We indulged in poutine and a drink and enjoyed the show. Bravo Portage!

This evening is for knitting and soccer... :o) I will bring my knitting at soccer that is. Fun stuff! I'll be taking soccer pics of my superstar daughter... they have not lost a game all season!

Until next post...


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