Wednesday, 23 July 2008

At The Movies...

The theatre is not a place I visit very often. Not that I don't like movies, I just don't like spending money on watching something I can watch for cheaper in the comfort of my own home while knitting! :o) And the food! $12 for popcorn and a pop! Are they insane???? Just goes to tell you that I have not been to the theatre in almost two years!

All things aside, we saw Indiana Jones and Batman Dark Nights. It was half price Tuesday in Kanata so well worth it! I got home at 1am! I enjoyed Indiana Jones and laughed! My BF didn't find it as good as I did. And Batman? Well great movie! Lots of action and surprises and loud!!! LOL!

Look at my lilies! Aren't they just beautiful???

Tonight is emissions testing for my car. I hope it passes because I really cannot afford to get it repaired. *crossing my fingers*

The weather today is crap. Cloudy, dark, depressing... UGH!

Until next post...


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