Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The last of the Stitch and Bitch season...

Last Thursday, I held the last Stitch and Bitch night which temporarily stops meeting over the summer months. I had a bigger group with non-knitters as it's my family who usually attends and our family loves to get together and chat. Two more aunts and a cousin showed up. We chatted much more than we knitting but had a great time.

The weekend was an odd one. Friday evening, I had a great time at my cousin's place with my kids. We barbecued hot dogs and made strawberry smoothies for dessert. After settling the kids with a movie, we caught up on gossip. My cousin recently found herself on the single scene again, which broke my heart. She is a 31 yr old pretty, giggly, intelligent, social butterfly. I honestly don't know why her true love has yet to find her. In any event, I wish her the best in her search because she truly deserves a prince charming!

Saturday, I did laundry, cleaned, washed the windows in the upstairs bedrooms and entertained a little neighbor. As a lot of parents know, when children have a guest over, you have an immense amount of time on your hands. The sibbling squabbles are silent, they are not bored or hungry all the time and the basement is turned into an imaginary village of tents made out of blankets. Needless to say, I got a lot of housework done. The evening was not so wonderful. My kids had a sleepover at my sister's place while I went into the office to do some catching up... major catching up. An employee left for a two week sick leave and the extra work is piling up. I stayed in the office until 1:30am and on the way home that night, my car seemed to be pulling left while driving. When I got home, I was so exhausted, I went to bed.

Sunday morning, before heading out to pick up the kids, I checked the tires and discovered one totally flat. The impact in the pot hole must have caused the flat tire. Mom came over and loaned me her little compressor which slowly put the air back in. I drove to my sister's and collected my kids. For months I had promised them that we would go out for breakfast. They absolutely wanted to eat at a small breakfast place in town. Pano's is a restaurant that has been around since I was a high school student. in the 1980s, it was an italian/pizzaria place. It used to be a hang out and the restaurant, at that time, was owned by one of our fellow students. A new owner took over and turned it into a breakfast place. Great food and healthy choices!!

Monday morning, I pumped up my car tire and drive to the mecanic's. They confirmed that my tire was finished. I needed another one. It had to be ordered from Montreal as none were available in Ottawa. They temporarily patched my tire and told me to stay off the Queensway and drive slow. *pout* I love driving... fast... This woman is NOT happy taking the back roads to the bus station and driving slow. It makes this driver very grumpy (as my BF commented). I'll be grumpily driving slow until Friday morning. >:(

I've been neglecting Yarn Harlot's blog lately and I miss reading it dearly. Today, something rare happened. I took a lunch hour and read Yarn Harlot's posts for May. Not to repeat myself but that woman absolutely amazes me!! She has 3 girls and can knit up things like a factory machine! You blink an eye and it's done! I so envy her! My time is spent more on dreaming of knitting than knitting itself!!

Lack of time for my hobbies and family is the reason I applied for another job. My first interview is this week on Thursday. There will be three people in the room bombarding me with questions. I am studying like crazy as not only is the pay better, the hours are better and there is less stress there. A regular lunch might just be part of my agenda! Woohoo!

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