Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thursday night Stitch and Bitch

Woohoo! I was looking forward to stitching and bitching tonight! My son and I will be baking muffins for the event. :o) I served fresh pineapple and honeydew melon last week to celebrate the sunny weather.

I went to a discount store last night and got discount yarn. Now, I've heard comments and know of knitters who cringe at the thought of buying cheap unknown fiber yarn. Here is my story... I am a single Mom with two kids and no support so yes, I buy the Kraft Dinner type yarns. I am addicted to knitting and I need fiber to knit with so I buy what I can afford. Back to the discount yarn I purchased... here is the pic.

I would like to find a nice long fitted cardigan pattern to make with it with a tie at the waist. The color is gorgeous. :o) And you know what? I am just as excited with the purchase of that $4 a ball yarn as I am with my $13 Lana Grossa Mutieffekt self patterning sock yarn!

I'll be out with my coffee at 6am tomorrow to check out the birds or shoo away the squirrels! LOL!

Last, but not least, is my down time. Bubbles, candles, music... I've been craving one of these moments for quite a while.

Excuse me but the bath is waiting. :o)

Until next post...


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