Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Still no rain??

For once I am asking for the clouds to roll in and pour rain! Nothing yet! We are expecting some rain this afternoon but only showers.

I did manage to get out last night with the kids and go to the convenience store. It is a store that has been there since I was a child. My Aunt (who comes to the regular stitching group) used to live in front of it. This lady's grandmother was the original owner of the store and the lady who runs is now must be near 75 years old. As a child, I used to remember the place being cluttered with so much junk for sale... almost like a huge flea market! But the best part was she had tons of candy for kids to buy and she still does! So we had fun looking at all the candy and picking out a few treats. YUM!

Tonight I am attempting to install new wipers on my car. I bought them at COSTCO and the instructions come with them... how bad can it be right? Imagine me driving in the rain tomorrow with wipers flying through the air! LOL! The break light in the rear window of my car is out as well so I will be installing a new one of those too.

Look at my plants! Are they not just lovely? They are growing so fast! :o)

Still no birds at the feeder. :o( Where ARE the little buggers??? Heeeeeere birdies! Chirp Chirp Chirp!!

Until next post...


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