Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A sock made for garbage...

You know, sometimes you wonder why you keep at it when a project was a disaster from the start. This is my problem with my first sock. I proudly slipped my sock on my foot. I was turning my foot this way and that way and smitten with myself for finally finishing it. Suddenly, skin caught my eye... on the left side of my foot. Oh no! A hole! NOOOOOOO! IT CAN'T BE!!!! Another lost stitch! I just about bawled my eyes out! The sock was ripped off of my foot and then took a flying leap towards the garbage can in the kitchen. Sadly, it missed the can and landed on the kitchen floor. After a few calming breathing sessions, I picked it up and retrieved the pesky stitch with a stitch holder and shoved it back in my bag.

While out of town for work, I took the dreaded sock out and started to painstakingly look where I had weaved in the end to undo it. After about a half hour, I could find it. Giving up, I cast on the needed stiches for the second sock. Hopefully I will have better luck for this one.

The grass seeds which were sown in my backyard about 3 weeks ago are now nice bright blades of grass. The weeds are overtaking my backyard like mad. This coming weekend, I plan to be on my hands and knees pulling them out one by one. I'll then spray the lawn with weed and feed and hope that the pesty things do not grow back!

This week has been good so far for exercising. My BFs eleptical cross trainer is a personal trainer on its own. The machine has a setting which gives me a work out routine... a different one everytime I use it. It sort of goes like this:

3 minute warm up
1 minute squat position, in reverse and fast speed
2 minutes regular speed for recovery time
1 minute slow, leaning back and in squat position
2 minutes regular speed for recovery time
and so on... with different commands
the last 3 minutes are cool down time

Man! After getting off this thing, I can barely walk! My legs are like Jell-o!!! Tonight will be my fourth workout on it and last for the week as I go back home. I'll be focusing on strength and aerobic exercise combined with power walking while back at my place.

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