Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Let the seeds grow!

You know the weatherman is never right. Why, I ask myself, did I even bother to listen when I seeded my backyard with grass seeds? It was supposed to rain, starting today, until Friday. What does the forecast say this morning? NO RAIN! I have to rush home and water the little buggers hoping against all hopes that the birds didn't get to them. Initially, I wanted to water them last night, just in case the weatherman might be wrong, but I couldn't find the tap to turn on the water outside! I stood along side the myriad of copper pipes and spouts in the basement trying to figure out which one turned on the outside water (I didn't use it last year and it was my first summer in the house). So, while taking out the trash and feeling a little brainless, I approached my neighbor who was leaving for work and asked him where his was. He gladly gave me the info I needed. Now, if only the work day could end soon so I could go give those little seeds a sprinkle!

My bird feeder is still barren and void of birds. :o( Not even the squirrels have attacked it yet! I was so hopeful when a bird landed in a branch just above the feeder when I was outside with my morning coffee today. Nope... it just flew off! It will be a week Thursday that I have put it up! I've concluded that this town's birds are anti-social. LOL! It is odd as I hear them chirping away as early as 4:30am outside my window.

Tonight, my knitting needles come out! After a walk with the kids (which I promised), vacuuming the living/dining area, washing my entrance floor and a bit of laundry. Hmmm... I may divert my walk with the kids to the park! That way, I can sneak my knitting with me. If only I had the hand eye coordination to knit and walk! My hand eye coordination is terrible... I cannot even play my fiddle and tap my foot to the beat! My bow just follows my foot! LOL! I look pretty depilitated when I try to do so.... like a stuttering fiddler.

Talking fiddle, I did take it out last night and played. It didn't go well. I regret buying that fiddle... it sounds nothing like my el cheapo student fiddle I had which amazingly enough, sounded just beautiful. My new more expensive better quality fiddle sounds like crap. Almost canny... It may be the bow... or the strings... I'll change the strings first before spending $400 on a new bow. And guess what??? My son's daycare provider plays the fiddle!!! She is looking for a learning partner! Woohoo! We are planning to take lessons again starting this fall. Hmmmm... another thing on the ToDo List this evening... fiddle practise!

Cheers to another 1am bedtime!

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