Monday, 5 May 2008

Ladies' Night

The weekend was off to a great start. A friend had invited me along with other girls, who I had not seen in a couple of years, to a Ladies' Night charity event in the town of Russell. Well Friday night was a blast! The evening they put on for the 650 ladies who showed up was amazing! I had not laughed like that in a while! They turned this into a sort of Chippendale style event.

The proceeds of the dinner, silent and live auctions were being donated to the Huntington's Society. Huntington's is a disease I was not familiar with and I got to learn about it as the night went on.

Dinner was delicious, including the desserts.... Yummy Cherry Cheescake was my pick.

The live auction and evening was hosted by Joel and Kathie from Regional Contact. Items for auction included dinner for 8 ladies served by the Local Firefighters' Department, Sleigh ride, a classic John Deere bike, Via train tickets to Toronto and the list goes on! Each sponsor put on a little show before their items went up for auction. They even had the town doctor doing a strip tease type dance which had us roaring with laughter.

Bravo to Russell's Agricultural Society and the organizers of the event. I am sure to attend next year and bring friends with me.

Saturday, I came in to the office while the kids spent the day with friends. I was so grateful to get a lot of things organized at the office. I need another couple of Saturdays to get everything totally in order.

Sunday was a lazy day in pj's with my BF and the kids. We had a nice big breakfast, watched hockey and I did some laundry.

I did indeed pick up my needles to get that sock undone. Now I have to knit it back up and finish it, but first I will take advantage of the sun and rake my backyard this evening and put seed because there are a lot of bare patches with no grass. This is perfect timing as it is supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I get another sunny day this week so I can get to those. :o)

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