Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Knit talk...

While reading my post from yesterday, I completely forgot to mention that the Sens Sweater is on the go again. After the fiasco with the sock, I needed something else to do and dug out the Sens Sweater and made a little progess on that. Due to the complexity of the chart, there is a lot of counting and weaving to do while knitting it up. One row takes me almost 15 minutes to ensure my 8 balls of yarn are at the right spot to start up the next row. This is not a project I can work on while watching t.v. or chatting with my knitting group.

I have neglected posting my posts for my blog as I have yet to upload the pictures from the digital camera. There are more than a dozen posts to publish!

The workout did not get done last night. After running to the paint store with my BF so he could chose every color under the sun to repaint his whole house, then a quick coffee at Tim Horton's, then dinner and dishes, we flopped on the sofa and watched a weird horror movie "30 days of Night". Movies and I do not go together so well unless they are during the daytime. I fall asleep everytime! I really impressed myself last night and only missed the last 5 minutes of the movie. This frustrates my BF to no end! LOL! Why did I not take out my knitting needles and knit? The answer is simple enough... it was dark, my eyes were irritated and frankly, I was too exhausted to knit!

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