Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Woohoo! Year End stuff is completed!

Now I can definitely sit and relax tonight. I've had approximately 10 hours of sleep for three nights over the weekend. The Senators Sweater will have a permanent spot on my lap tonight! :o) In a month since I cast on this baby, not much has been done. I envy knitters with time! I do not even have time to sit and watch t.v.! While I am at home, I do NOT have time to park my behind on any surface. It is a race to see how long it will take me to make dinner, clean up kitchen, do homework with kids, make lunches for kids, put kids to bed, get laundry going and tidy up, get clothes for following day ready. By this time it is 10pm and that is when I call my BF and we chit chat for approx. a half hour to an hour. 11pm is BEDTIME!

Here is an updated pic of the Sens Sweater. I am almost humiliated in posting this!

Mentioning the Senators reminds me that they actually MADE the playoffs! Eventhough I am a huge fan, our team will not make it far this year. :o( Our captain, Alfredson, is out and so are key players Fisher and Kelly. Better luck next year guys!

Remember Mount Everest? The growing hand shoveled snowbank in my front yard? Here is what it looked like:

It is now maybe half the size because we are now in 2 digit degrees!! 14 degrees today! YES! Bring on the summer baby! :o)

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