Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Well I'll be!!!!

Guess what? I finished one sock! Woohoo! Now, before I forget the pattern completely, I have to get going on the other soon so I can use my new sock yarn by Lana Grossa. :o) Here is my one lonely sock:

Not much to update on other than the weather is like July here. I am not complaining! It's about time! We went from Winter to Summer in practically one day! I have been impatiently waiting for the time to sit on my front step with my tea after dinner and my knitting, listening to the kids play and chit chatting with the neighbors.

My weekend is already packed with activities. Summer is always like that for me. A party here, a barbecue there, an outting with the kids, a picnic at the park, drinks with friends on a patio, etc... it never ends! BUT! At least I don't have to warm up the car, worry about driving in bad weater, dress in layers and wear the big honking winter boots! I can just basically get up and go! :o)

Cheers to the sun!

Until next post...


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