Monday, 14 April 2008

The Sun is Shining! :o)

I can definitely feel the warmth of the sun this morning. Wish I could be outside, with my knitting and let the sun bring color to my ashen looking winter skin.

The inevitable had to be done and here is my frogged mess of a Sens Sweater. :o(

Here is my cleaned up and wound up Sens Sweater. :o)

Next time I post a pic of this, I hope for you to see progress. More importantly, I hope to make progress! LOL!

I splurged over the weekend and bought this Italian made sock yarn from Lana Grossa. YUM! I can now say "I HAVE A $13 BALL OF YARN IN MY STASH!!!" and I have a big fat grin on my face. It is called Meilenweit Multieffekt and when you knit it up, it makes these wonderful patterns and stripes!

This is the color I bought. :)

Isn't it just lovely??? Oooooh!! My fingers are itching to get to this. Now this is my motivation goodie to get going on the Sens Sweater. Hurry up and get half the graph knit up and then I can start indulging in this yarn.

Yesterday, I helped my wonderful and loving BF to put up his dart board. It was quite the task! We thought we would have it done in a matter of minutes and we could enjoy a fun game of darts (I used to play in a league in my early 20s) and I was anxious to play. This was the most frustrating thing to put up! After trying to support the board with plastic expanding drywall plugs, we realized that the wall where BF wanted it, was not solid enough. We therefore had to reinforce the back of the wall (thank goodness it was in the laundry room and unfinished) with 2x4s going across existing studs. The screws that came with the cabinet to hold the dart board were not long enough or sturdy enough. We ran to Home Depot bought the right screws and cork board to protect the wall (for the beginner players, ya know). We started at around 1pm and by 7pm, we were finally playing! We had to measure, cut, screw. Bottom line... it is up! We can play! Woohoo! :o)

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