Saturday, 19 April 2008

Spring Chores

Today's weather was phenomenal! 22 degrees and sunny!

My front walkway was clean and so were my little gardens on each side.

My car got a nice spring cleaning and Armor All shine inside.

I took down my Christmas lights, did a ton of laundry and cleaned my entrance. I also nursed a feverish daughter. Poor sweetie had a sore throat and stuffy nose. How depressing on such a beautiful day! :(

With all of this done, it gives me knitting time for tomorrow. They are calling for more sunny weather.

A friend of mine and her daughter came over this evening. My BF had spent a good part of the day with his Dad and his girlfriend (Dad's girlfriend). It was a rush at the front door! BF came home with his Dad and his girlfriend and I gave them the tour of the house. My friend and her daughter came over at that time. My dinner was ready (overcooked actually! dried chicken! YUM!). I felt awful eating dinner in front of my friend and the fact that I had other company at the house, so I made a point of inviting her over again the following day.

Later in the evening, I went over to my BF's house. We watched a movie and caught up on hockey news.

Until next post...


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