Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Shopping... don't ya love it?

The only thing related to knitting in this post is that my needles did not come out of my knitting bag last night. Shopping took the most part of the evening. Costco is the word of the day. No matter how much we tell ourselves "WE ARE ONLY GOING IN FOR ONE OR TWO THINGS!!!", we always end up in there for hours. We check out all the new gadgets, taste all the food, take a half hour to go through all the books, take another half hour in the seasonal aisle and end up running to the cash at closing time. So we got a Costco pre-made meal of beef stir-fry with noodles to heat up at home and it was delicious! For $11, this container could have easily fed four people. You cannot feed four people beef stir-fry on that budget if you made it yourself.

I was out again at 6:30am looking for birds at the feeder... NONE! Guess they have not noticed it was there yet. Tonight I set one up at my place as well. :o) See?

Exhaustion is the word of the day for me. Seems work is getting more demanding every day. I never seem to be able to catch up and be up-to-date... always running a never ending race. :o( That is my rant today.

I am in the hopes of getting my needles in my hands tonight. Funny, I dream of sitting and knitting all the time! Beautiful yarns and creations flow through my mind daily and I sure wish they would become reality.

Until next post...


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