Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Let the Playoffs and Knitting Begin!

Watching Playoff hockey is the best! I can set up my knitting and watch the game and in between periods, I can run like a maniac and get dishes, laundry, tidying up done! Best of all, every game is exciting! Happy Playoffs everyone! I joined a hockey pool at the office and I always manage to start off in first place after the first round. By the second and third rounds, I drop closer to last place. My BF is a hockey expert so he is helping me with my picks this year. Hopefully that will make a difference! LOL!

Last night, I picked up my knitting and after about half a row, I didn't feel like fighting with 5 balls of yarn. I am not impressed with how the wrong side of the sweater is turning out. This means there may be major frogging in the near future.

My little knitting group is expected to show up this week. If they do, pics will be posted. I did take one pic so far but I need more.

I leave you with a pretty pic of my daughter in a poncho I had made for her a couple of years ago. :o)

Until next post...


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