Thursday, 24 April 2008

It's Knit Night!

It was tough dragging my butt out of bed this morning. Extremely tired! Must have been the fact that I worked late last night. I took my time going into the office and drove the kids to school. After all, I had worked four hours overtime the night before. Getting up was worth it to see these angelic faces. :o) So hard to wake them up when they look so peaceful!

It turned out to be a nice day! After work and picking up the kids, we went shopping. My son needed running shoes and sandals and both my kids needed new bycicle helmets. We rushed home, made a quick hot dog dinner on the barbecue and got ready for the ladies to arrive for the regular stitching and bitching. That is exactly what I did. I bitched about my sock which I had to undo. Here are a couple of pics. :o)

Until next post...


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