Thursday, 3 April 2008

Irrate Mommy on the verge of hysteria

Warning... this may be long. I need to vent and where better to do so than here? I am not boring, annoying or yelling at anyone.


On March 14th, my son took his hard earned money, which he had saved for almost a year, and went to Walmart with his father to buy his long awaited Nintendo DS with a game and carrying case (value approx. $200). He was so excited and proud to have saved up for this on his own and frankly, so was I! After playing with it, he noticed that the little pencil to touch the screen was not working properly. My daughter had the same game and tried it on my son's Nintendo DS and it was working fine. They determined that the game was the problem and not the DS.

On March 18th, my son went to Walmart again with his father, receipt in hand, to exchange the game for another one. After warnings from his Dad to leave the DS in the van and just bring the game in the store, my son still went to the store with the Nintendo DS and game in hand. The clerk at Customer Service instructed my son to leave the game and Nintendo DS with him at the counter, then go to electronics to get another game. Both my son and his Dad returned to the Customer Service counter to make the exchange. My son's Nintendo DS was no longer in sight and my son's Dad figured that it was in the bag with the new game. On the way back to his Dad's place (20 min. away), my son noticed that the game was not in the bag. My son's father called the store and said he would be drive back to the store first thing in the morning to retrieve the Nintendo DS before dropping off my son at school. The employee assured him that there was no problem and that they would put it aside.

March 19th, both my son and his Dad return to Walmart at 7:30am to retrieve the forgotten Nintendo DS but it is no where to be found and they were informed that they would contact the employee working the previous afternoon to inquire where the DS had been placed in Customer Service.

March 20th at around 6pm, I myself went with my son to inquire what was taking so long for them to return the DS to my son. The clerk who was present on March 18th when the DS was left there was not working that evening. I was informed that they would go through the claims dept. and see if it had mistakenly placed there and I left a note with the clerk describing exactly what the DS, case and old gameboy game looked like (White DS with charger, old Hot Wheels gameboy game in a blue Super Mario carrying case). The clerk who was present on the day of the incident was contacted by phone and recalled my son and his father coming in for exchanging a game, but did not remember any details. I also left my phone numbers where I could be reached and was assured that I would get a call by Easter Monday as the employee in the Claims Dept. would not get a chance to do that over Easter Weekend.

March 24th, Easter Monday, at about 6pm. I returned again as I had received no calls from Walmart. The Claims Dept. employee was no longer at the store and I would get a call from her sometime that week.

March 26th, around 7pm third trip to Walmart. Got to finally speak with the employee who was there on the day of the incident itself (March 18th) and was told that he never saw a DS when the first time he was contacted stated he could not recall any details of the incident other that my son and his father coming in to exchange a game. I was fuming and demanded something be done about the whole thing. I was told to come back yet again with receipts in hand and speak with a manager. I had a problem. My son's father was out of town and he had the receipts.

April 2nd, 5:30pm. Receipts in hand, I marched myself and my son back to Customer Service. Manager was called to Customer Service to speak to me. He brought an assistant manager with him. I described the whole incident to every last detail, showed him the receipts and dates. They both went to search claims and meanwhile the clerk at the Customer service desk was going through the log book to see if the Nintendo DS had been entered on that day as being returned and it was not... funny... neither was the game!! I waited approximately 20 minutes until the manager returned. In an accusing tone, he told me that he had spoken with the employee who was working on the day of the incident and he said that he definitely did not ask the boy to leave the Nintendo DS at the counter. Funny he should say that because he supposedly did not recall any details. I was then accused of letting this drag on too long and should have spoken to the manager on Day One and told that it was not their problem if the DS was "LEFT" on the counter. I was then accused of NEVER mentioning a Nintendo DS being left on the counter before! I blew it! I lost it! Little calm me, patient, courteous me just exploded! Here is what I said (or close to it) "ECUSE ME!!!! On March 20th as per instructed, I left a NOTE for Mr. Employee who doesn't recall and suddenly recalls things describing the Nintendo DS and case and was assured it would be looked for! Secondly , as a Manager, it is your duty to inform your employees to tell the clients to speak to the Manager the day of the said incident!!! I did not let this drag on, we have been here five times in person to inquire about this as I was NEVER contacted by phone by Walmart to give me any results on what was happening!!! Thirdly, if an employee of your store instructs my 8 year old to do something like leave the game and DS on the counter, my son will do as he is told! It was NOT "LEFT" on the counter!!"

By this time, the manager is beet red and the assistant manager left him stranded and walked away. I am livid and said "This is not over! My son will get a DS back!" The manager then said he would check the security cameras on the day of the incident, with a police officer the following day. I said I would be awaiting his call on the results.

I stomped off to the McDonald's in the store with my son to get a bite to eat, then got a few groceries, went to pick up some pictures for developing and of course, peeked at the yarn aisle. Walking over to the cashes, my cell phone rang. It was the Walmart manager! I informed him that I was still in the store. He was surprised and said "In Walmart??" I said "Yes!" He then whispered to someone with him that I was still in the store. I know because I heard the other person respond "Oh! She's still here? It's ok." He explained that he had himself personally checked the camera tape of that particular day and stated that my son was NOT holding a DS when he walked in and it was not seen on the counter. Well! I asked to personally view the video as DS's are tiny and he didn't even know what this looked like! Of course, that area is NOT ACCESSIBLE to the public!

I concluded by just forwarding that information to my son's father and let him handle it as he was the one present on the day of the incident. Little did I know, he has been to the store himself at least 6 times inquiring about it!! When I informed him of what was said to me, he was livid. He knows my son had the DS in his possession as he reprimanded my son for taking it into the store! So now, he will demand to see the video and if they won't let him, he will contact the police. Something is not right here. I truly believe they are hiding something.

I love shopping at Walmart and have always had great service. This is why I am shocked this is happening.

What do you think?

No School Bus Transportation from Daycare

When I arrived at the daycare my son attends yesterday evening, the daycare provider was in histerics. She told me she had a little problem. I thought to myself "OMG! My son is misbehaving!" But no. That afternoon when the kids got home from school, she received a letter from the school stating that no school bus transportation are available as of April 3 (TODAY!!!) due to insurance purposes. Her residence is in a new subdivision which is building homes. The transportation company stipulates that they are not insured to drive on construction sites and that the property has not yet been transferred over to the municipality and therefore is deemed private property! How ridiculous is that???? My daycare provider pays city taxes for her new home!!! How can it not be on city property??

Even more ridiculous is the fact that the new school bus stop is a 20 minute walk away through all construction zones!!! So it is not safe for buses to travel there but yet it is perfectly safe for children under the age of 10 to walk where there is moving machinery, dump trucks and all! It is easier for them to walk 10 minutes to school than to the bus stop! I am on the phone with the transportation board, school board, city mayor, school and county to lobby against this stupid decision.

There! My venting is done!

Until next post...

Annoyed K.

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knitjo said...

whoa! That is a very bad story. I don't know how you even stayed in the store and looked at their stuff. I don't usually hold grudges, but I went to a Walmart last summer to stop at McDonalds and must have seen a dozen flies while I was waiting and started thinking if I see that many flies, what am I not seeing. And was soooo disturbed by this, have never been in a Walmart or McDonald's since!