Friday, 11 April 2008

Ice Pellots????

Looking outside at this dreadry cold day makes me want to drive home and put on my PJs and knit the day away. Ice pellots, snow, freezing rain is the forecast for today and most of the weekend. PERFECT!!! The Sens Sweater will be frogged and knit up before I know it! :o) Take a look at Ottawa today.

I had my little stitching group going on last night. On the menu... Peanut butter banana chocolate chip muffins and Raspberry jam muffins with coffee and tea. My cousin Julie is starting a beautiful shawl for herself. My aunt Gisèle weaved ends in many dishcloths and mittens she had knitted and her daughter Diane brought a beautiful crystal type rock decoration for her window and was trying to untangle all the strings holding the rocks. Me? I took out the Sens Sweater, gazed at it, entertained everyone. By the end of the evening, I didn't even touch the sweater. Part of me sort of wanted to know what others thought of me frogging it because it looked horrid on the wrong side. No one contradicted me. It must really look AWFUL! So I'll be slouching it to BF's place to frog it tonight. I don't hear anyone saying "Don't undo it! It's fine! 5 colors should look messy on the wrong side!" Silence... Alllllriiiiiiight then. A frogging we will go, A frogging we will go, Hi Ho the Dairyoh, A frogging we will go!

Here is the other feline in my life. My BF's cat Jade! Ain't she a cutie???

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