Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I have VOGUE Spring/Summer 2008! :o)

Ottawa seems to be slow at getting new publications in knitting magazines. I have been browsing the racks for 3 weeks now for the Spring/Summer Issue of Vogue Knitting and FINALLY... LOW AND BEHOLD... Superstore in Kanata had it!!!

I love it!!! The Sweater Map articles are so helping me! The Ecologic patterns are amazing! The color way created for the V-neck tank by Mari Lynn Patrick is awesome! Aren't the bridal patterns gorgeous?? I won't be a bride but lace shrug by Tony Limuaco is breath taking! I can see myself making this in a deep red or classy black. Working in an office environment, I always look for patterns that are wearable at work. The Flyaway Jacket by Fayla Reiss is so stylish and I can see it as being a piece I would wear for quite some time.

Photo news!!!! It's Stitch and Bitching time tomorrow night and I got one picture from last week. I plan to take more tomorrow evening to share with you all!

The Recipe For Kim

3 parts Bravery

2 parts Playfulness

1 part Slyness

Splash of Impishness

Finish off with an olive

Until next post...


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