Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I done it AGAIN!

My craving for yarn won again. As many knitters can relate, I experienced the weakening in the knees at the sight of yummy yarn while in a yarn shop yesterday. I walked out with yet another ball of Lana Grossa Multieffekt in a different color and a couple of pattern books. See?? The ball I bought on the weekend was lonely. It needed a friend. Hihi!

The sun is shining brightly again today, as it did yesterday and I am anticipating the drive home (I love driving on a sunny day with the music blaring) so that I can have a quick dinner with my son, take a chair out on the front patio and whip out those knitting needles.

I am slipping this little note in discretely as I am appalled and ashamed... My son found his DS at his Dad's house in a Walmart bag. *mumble* You know the feeling of crawling under a rock somewhere to hide... that is how I felt when he happily announced his discovery. *sigh* I feel terrible about it now! :o( I'll be dragging my feet to customer service at Walmart and apologize profusely.

Last night was a lost cause for knitting. While waiting for my BF to finish at the office, I sat in the car and lost myself in Yarn Harlot's "At Knit's End..." and that is as close to knitting as I got. Why? I am asking myself that very same question eventhough I know the answer. LOL! BF bought a new shelving unit for his basement in order to organize it better. After the shopping, we got home at 9pm and like a little kid with a new toy, he HAD to put it up right away and organize all his Christmas stuff on it. Of course, I cannot stand sitting and knitting while someone is working so hard... I HAD to help... somewhat. I was exhausted and basically felt like sitting and doing nothing... but I always feel guilty doing that... so I stood up and did nothing. LOL! (Okay, I helped a little.) I have to admit, he did a great job of organizing his stuff. :o)

Now I am leaving you all with pics... of sitting in the sun and knitting away ... my son enjoying being outside with no boots/mitts/hat/scarf with make up from school as he was an Iroquois Indian for a school project.

Until next post...


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