Monday, 28 April 2008

A Glorious but Hectic Weekend. :o)

Weather is dreary in Ottawa today but we are getting much needed rain. To tell you the truth, I am happy when it rains on weekdays. Sunny days are always better on weekends, don't you think?? :o)

Knitting was a no go this weekend. It all started with a birthday party barbecue on Friday after work for my BF's Dad. Great food, great company! Can't beat that! :o)

On Saturday, I slept in until 11:30am... a rare occurence in my life! Then I took my time waking up, enjoyed the sun on the front step at my BF's and we chit chatted over coffee. I then got myself ready to go to work at around 3pm to catch up on a lot of stuff. To my surprise, I got to the office only to realize that I had forgotten a couple of things including change for the parking! I turned back and drove back to BF's place, fixed my make up and got ready to go to the restaurant for my sister's birthday dinner at 5pm. My BF's good friend, Vichay, showed up and they were going to play darts and watch the hockey game. I made it to the restaurant about 15 minutes late but before my other sister who thought it was at 6pm! LOL! Food was good and I had a great time chatting with my Mom and sisters. I called my BF, told him I was on my way and was happy to know that his twin sister, Angèle, had come over for a visit. She is a kind and sweet girl with a pretty smile. Driving back to my BF's in the pouring rain was a challenge. People were driving 60km on the Queensway as the rain was coming down hard.

Boy! Was I happy to get back as the darkness and the rain made it hard for me to see the road. Finally back in the house, I opened a beer, relaxed and gabbed with BF's sister. We played a few games of Guitar Hero and laughed. We enjoyed a movie at went to bed at 2:15am! Both Angèle and Vichay stayed overnight.

Sunday morning was a lazy one with coffee in the sun, lots of chatting again with everyone and unfortunately, I had to leave to go to the office and do the catching up I was supposed to do the day before. Yes, some people think me crazy for working on weekends but it saves me stress on weekdays.

After work, BF and I went shopping (an activity we both enjoy) at Walmart. We both got bird feeders. I know, you're supposed to feed the birds in the winter, but I love sitting outside and watching them! I'll get nice pics of them this summer. Both our feeders are squirrel safe. :o) See? This is my BF's feeder.

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