Sunday, 20 April 2008

About time!

Today, a miracle happened! Seriously! Something that rarely occurs lately! :o)

My day started off with a big breakfast at my BF's place... bacon, eggs and toast. I drove home with my son to wait for my daughter to arrive from her Dad's place. She attended a birthday party for someone in the family. She was not feeling well but she insisted she still wanted to go to the party. I made her promise to sleep in this morning.

I first brewed a pot of coffee and then took out my fiddle and played for about an hour. :o)

Gathering my knitting, a fresh cup of coffee and a patio chair I headed out on my front step and sat to knit! Yes! Two whole hours of sitting and knitting! This is the work I accomplished on my sock which I started last November. I plan on finishing this one tomorrow. :o)

After a quick phone call, my friend from yesterday came back for a visit and we were able to catch up and talk. My daughter got to hang out with her daughter (they were best friends in school before we moved away in January 2005). I was grateful that she came over. I miss her dearly and she is such a great person. We were on the community association and planned many activities in the community for the children. :o)

Back to work tomorrow. I was off on Friday therefore I am sure I have work cut out for me to catch up.

Slowly, I am gathering information to get a knitting group going here in my hometown. I have to return a phone call tomorrow and see how I can get this set up by September 2008.

Until next post...



Anonymous said...

Wow! breakfast, and two hours of knitting and good company sounds like a glorious day!

Heather said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I've checked out your ravelry pics - nice work, especially because they look like fun projects.

I also understand the frustration of children having the nerve to grow out of something before you finish knitting it (psst, that's why I had two girls 5 years apart...a better chance of at least one of them wearing it!).

I love the horse sweater! My eldest would give her right arm for it!