Thursday, 6 March 2008

What? A storm of the century???

I couldn't believe my ears this morning when I was told that our 15cm forecast on Saturday is now a Storm Warning and about 30cm. We just got 28cm yesterday! I am totally cool about this. NOT!!!

Did I not wish one of these storms to be on the weekend??? Ah Yes! In yesterday's post... I see that. Me and my huge mouth! Well... it does have its advantages, you know! While being snowed in, I can take time to clean, re-organize my basement, do laundry, bake extra goodies for the following week... WHAT AM I SAYING!!!! I'll be KNITTING!!!! Watching the pretty snowflakes coming down while sitting on my couch with the ol' two sticks and some yarn. Oh... and while my kids are whining "Are you going to make lunch soon??" hehe

Knitting was at a stand still last night. I was totally exhausted and the fact that I had a glass of wine (rare occurence) totally knocked me out! I fell asleep on the sofa with the knitting on the coffee table. BF woke me up at midnight and thanked me for being such good company. LOL! I thought to say "You're welcome Babe, you were even better company in my dreams!" but I kept my mouth shut. *grin*

I do have my knitting group tonight though.

One of my members is in CUBA! She is missing all this snow. Lucky gal! I will take pics of my little group tonight, since I didn't do it last week as no one showed up! Everyone was busy and I ran like a maniac baking a cake for the occastion (Oh so THAT'S where the extra two pounds on my hips come from!), tidying up, getting coffee ready in advance. I knit and drank coffee all by myself and then had a bubble bath at 1:00am because I couldn't sleep from all the coffee! I confirmed tonight that two are actually showing up. I just have to find the number for the third and remaining person. :o)

That's it for today!

Until next post...


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