Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My weaknesses!!

I have three very bad weaknesses in life.

1. Chocolate (the darker the better)

2. Books (the more the better... specially knitting pattern books)

3. Yarn (and the stash keeps growing)

At the moment, all three of my weaknesses are being tested big time!!!

A team from my office went on a business trip to Paris last week. My boss, being of them, brought back delightful looking chocolates from Maxim's de Paris and set them on my desk to share with our colleagues. The problem is, I gave up chocolates for lent. I drooled and suffered all day, took one and put it in my drawer to savour after lent is over. This is what these goodies looked like:

Someone up there must be testing me. Why? Read on!

A colleague brought in specialty truffles from Paris and... YES! She set them on MY desk!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE TRUFFLES!!!! The drooling is uncontrollable! I need a bib! This is the worst suffering ever! At 11am I had already finished eating my lunch! Look at the truffles... well... not the exact ones on my desk but a picture of the same kind made by the chocolatier Jeff de Bruges.

Weakness number two, books, will be tested this evening. I have this uncontrollable urge to visit my favorite book store "Chapters". They have oodles of knitting books and I park my butt right in the middle of the aisle to browse through the patterns. Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Kaffe, Vogue and the list goes on! That is where you'll find me tonight!

Fleece Artist is the culprit who is testing my yarn weakness. That name is to blame! I have been resisting buying it as I am not sure what to make with it yet but it is so irresistable to look at! Maybe an afghan for my sofa, or a beautiful cardigan or a scarf... hmmmm... so many possibilities. :o)

An update on my Senators' sweater: I cast on the stitches (103 of them), knit a 100 miles an hour while watching a stressful hockey game (Senators against the Ducks) and as the first period ended, I realized I never carried my colors up the rows! Being somewhat a perfectionist in my knitting (in other areas of my life, I am far from being like that), I spent almost the whole second period UNknitting it. During the third period, I knit at a 100 miles an hour again and got back to where I was before I started UNknitting. Lesson? Never knit during a stressful hockey game! I knit some more tonight and here is the result of what I have so far. Those are my stripes and used a k3/p3 rib. I am so happy I have this going! I know to some of you who knit a mile a minute, it's not much... but to me who has trouble finding time to knit, it's almost a dream come true!!

And this is getting old but we are being blasted by another snowstorm. This is what it looked like at Midnight outside. Expecting 20cm of snow or more!

Until the next post...


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