Monday, 17 March 2008

Knitting Questionnaire...

Knitting Questionnaire?? Yep! Strangely, I have this obsession with filling out questionnaires and surveys. Possibly because it reminds me of elementary school. I anticipated the opportunity to fill out these simple tasks in class and still do today! The fact that the answers are limitless and that everyone has a different answer makes it exciting! If you happen to stumble along this post and you are a knitter, please post your answers in the comment section below. :o) Not that anyone really reads this blog... LOL!

1. When did you start knitting and why?

I started experimenting with needles about 20 years ago when I got my first job in the city and was living alone in a basement appartment. Why? The need to do something other than fear living in the city (I was a country girl) and watch t.v.

2. What was your first project?

A God awful looking dress from Vogue Knitting Magazine (it looked great in the magazine) which taught me a quick lesson about tension. It ended up looking like a maternity dress and not the sexy fitted dress it was supposed to become.

3. What colors do you most knit with?

The natural look is what I like best (beiges, ivory) ... but a yarn that is available in a multitude of colors will get my creative juices flowing. Specially colors like apple green and deep reds.

4. What is your yarn of choice?

Patons is my all time favorite because of the variety of textures and colors and its affordability.

5. Where was the whackiest place you ever knit?

At a horse show by the riding ring watching hours of equine competitions.

6. What knitting magazine or book do you enjoy the most?

Vogue Knitting is the magazine I buy the most for its up-to-date styles and funky designs. As for books? Definitely Rowan.

7. What items do you knit the most?

Sweaters! The creative possibilities are endless! Style, color, texture, shape...

8. What does knitting bring to you?

Knitting brings peace, relaxation on one hand and excitement, anticipation, satisfaction on the other hand.

9. Do you belong to any knitting groups?

I have my own little stitch and bitch club at home and I also belong to the Ottawa Knitting Guild.

10. What are your favorite knitting forums or blogs?

I love reading Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Purl. I also belong to the Knit and Chat group on Delphi Forums. The people there are amazing!

11. Where is your favorite knitting spot at home?

My klicking spot is the dining room. :o)

12. How much space does your stash take up in your house?

hmmm... one 3x3 foot square under the coffee table in the living room and a 3 foot deep by 6 ft wide by 9ft tall in my bedroom closet. I may just by cubes and arrange it like a yarn shop.


Have fun and until next post...


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