Sunday, 2 March 2008

In like a lion... Out like a lamb

March 1st revealed a whopping 10cm of snow! Woohoo! My understanding is, if the myth is correct, we should have spring weather coming up soon!

Update on my new routine. I've scheduled everything! To tell you the truth, it is working better than I thought. The kids got involved big time! The only downfall is that I have myself scheduled to sit and knit by 9:30pm for 75 minutes. That is a lot for me as I usually have no time at all for it. So far, within 10 minutes of me parking my butt in my rocker with my needles, I fall asleep and wake up at midnight with the knitting on my lap and the rest of my schedule blown to hell!

Here is what my schedule is like when I get home:

5:45pm, get home, put away school bags, coats, boots, empty lunch boxes, get dinner served (it is ready as I planned all my meals with the slow cooker). The kids now have chores... my son sets the table and takes out recycling.

6:15pm dinner

6:45pm clean up dishes (my daughter helps), get kids to do homework, and make lunches for following day.

7:30pm Kids get free time to play. Mom gets some laundry going and checks homework and reads the gazillion papers sent home from school.

8:15pm my son's bath time

8:30pm son's bedtime / daughter's shower/bath time

9pm daughter's bedtime / Mom gets ahead on laundry and gets outfits ready for following day

9:30pm Mom knits/takes pics to update blog and ravelry!

10:45pm fold laundry and Mom's bedtime.

I get to 9:40pm and I fall asleep!

My workout routine should be done at 5:15am in the morning. How is that going you might ask? It is NOT going! I miss being able to excercise! I will try to get that in order this coming week.

This weekend, I am at my BF's place so my knitting time increases by a lot! I got my son's Sens sweater on the chart and unravelled the old Spiderman sweater as that is the yarn I will be using. Paton's Canadiana in colors dark grey heather, cardinal red, winter white, black and gold in size 4 1/2mm needles. I will start knitting tonight. As promised, here is a pic of the chart.

This took me approximately 3 hours to get it done but split up in two weekends. I wrote out 20 rows so far and I am itching to knit so I am taking a break from writing rows to get this baby on the needles. My son is so excited!

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