Monday, 3 March 2008


Eeeeeee! is all I could say while walking to the bus stop this morning. Freezing rain and a street of sheer ice had me slipping, sliding and throwing my arms up everytime I lost my footing while squeeling Eeeeeee! Luckily, it is all changing into rain now and the ice should be melted by the time I ride the bus this evening. This is our wonderful icy city.

No knitting was done last night. :o( I got home later than expected from doing a few errands with my BF.

Stripes! That is what I want on the ribbing/sleeve cuffs of the Sens sweater I am making. Sometimes stripes can look god awful and outdated but playing with colors and numbers of rows can yield a nice result and add a lot to a piece. Tonight is dedicated to finding the color combination for the ribbing.

Until next post...


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