Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Benefits of Knitting

The knitting community knows what benefits two sticks and some string have. I've read so much about it! Here are some I've thought up myself! :o)

Draws attention to you - When you are at a gathering or in a public place (other than knitting events), people get curious and ask questions.

Keeps you from falling asleep - Sitting through anything that is boring or when you feel like nodding off during an important meeting, keeping your mind on your knitting might save you.

Avoids admitting you are broke - With $5 or less, you can buy yarn or needles!

Makes endless wait times seem like minutes - All those medical appointments where you have to wait so long!

Gives you the impression of being rich and own a lot - Just go through your stash! You'll feel like a millionaire!

Gives you 101 excuses to say "Shh! I'm counting!" - You know all those times when you want to avoid something you are asked to do or talk about something?

Puts a leathal weapon at your disposal - Knitting needles can be fatal if used correctly. I feel safer walking the streets at night. :o)

Makes you look like a math whiz - Many people wonder what kind of algebra I am doing when I write out pattern rows.

Amuses your pets - Who needs cat toys when you have 20 zillion balls of yarn in your closet??

Gives the word "Emergency" a whole new meaning - "Sorry Mom, I can't make it to the Bora Bora Sisters of Nature card game tonight. I have an emergency I have to deal with! I made a mistake 30 rows back and I have to unravel!"

Makes you a foreign language expert - No one knows the meaning of all those knitting terms at the office but you!

Can you think up others?

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knitjo said...

Like that! Especially the foreign language expert. Maybe we can put this on our CVs