Wednesday, 5 March 2008

And The Storm Rages On!

Oh the weather outside is frightful! Snow is now a daily occurence now and is not even news. We are being pummelled by quite the system! Too bad most of these storms don't fall on the weekend. They are the best flannel pj's/coffee/knitting/bad hair days!

First thing on the agenda this evening is clearing the snow. Mount Everest's peek is no longer reacheable with the shovel so I've started a mountain range across the street. Space for the snow has really become an issue. The system started at midnight last night and it's still coming down strong at 2pm. I went out for lunch and a person needs snow shoes to get around out there! Are you one of those who went to school back in the days when we had school snow shoe trips? Remember the old wooden snow shoes with leather straps? Quick google picture search.... These ones!!

Our elementary school had a room full of them. Each class would get a snowshoe trip a month. Everyone would eagerly await this day as we would all bring a warm lunch in a thermos and goodies. The teacher always brought hot chocolate in a bigger thermos. Our destination? An old barn near the woods on a farmer's property. The trek there was not an easy one. We had quite the hill to climb and it took about an hour to get there. The teacher would let us play for an hour and then we would head back to school. Now for 8yr old kids, that was a loooooong excruciating trip! Funny how I remember those so vividly! :o)

Oh yes... knitting! My trip to Chapters' bookstore last night was fruitful. I bought a knitting related book but it's something out of the ordinary. I have read her blog on occasion and thought her hilarious! When I read the summary on the back cover, it caught my interest. I can definitely relate to some of it as I am a veteran of misadventures.

Crazy Aunt Purl's "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair". It really made me think of Bridget Jones' Diary! Funny, now that I look at the back cover, they make reference to that! LOL! I am a sucker for true-life misadventure stories. They are heartfelt, funny and real. On the long bus ride to work, I indulged in the first couple of chapters and was totally amused! I am anxiously awaiting the bus ride home to read on!

Next on my purchase list, Yarn Harlot!

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