Monday, 18 February 2008

Unravelling to Knit

I started knitting a Spiderman sweater for my son when he was 6 years old. To make sure it would fit him by the time I finished it, I made it into a size 8. So much time went into transferring a picture of Spidey's face onto a knitting graph, calculate its location on the sweater, swatch with yarn and different sized needles! Well... it became a UFO and two and a half years later, it will not fit him.

I felt bad for the little guy as he was so looking forward to this sweater! He brought it up when I was finishing the cotton top and a pang of guilt ran through me. Digging out the Spidey sweater for him, I asked him what other kind of sweater he would like. He said one with the Ottawa Senator's logo on it. I set about searching for a clear logo. After locating one, I printed it and made sure it fit on the graph paper I had. I already had colors grey, red, black and white. All I needed was the gold and I got a deep yellow.

There you have it! My next UFO to be unravelled and knit up again.

Until the next post...


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