Friday, 1 February 2008

Still In A Fish Tank... :o)

Being sick like this has one very good upside. It forces a knitter to stay home and get knitting! The only downsides today are, I have to work and I forgot the camera at home again and I really wanted to post my finished PIG as I am determined to finish it tonight. :o)

It's quite a winter storm we are having in Ottawa. Expected 25cm of snow and maybe even more. The drive home will be at a snail's pace which is just my cup of tea because I dread driving in snow. Yep... I'm a Canadian who is terrified of driving in snow. I don't mind the little 5cm accumulations or a leisurely drive to get milk close by. Getting home from work is another story. What should take approximately 35 minutes will take about 2 hours or more. This adds another reason to stay home and knit tonight, not that I have a choice in the matter. I usually love winter storms as long I do not have to drive. Think me an oddball but dressing up in a snowsuit and shoveling away or playing with the kids is something I truly enjoy... did I say as long as I don't have to drive? Tonight I have to drive. I will not think about driving until I actually get in my car at 5pm. For now, I will enjoy the view from my office... turning to look out the window well... it's a white out, so never mind the view. I'll be content with being indoors for now and not having to drive... yep.

This is what it looks like in Ottawa at the moment... pretty bad.

Happy weekend everyone and drive safe!

Until the next post...


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