Thursday, 7 February 2008

Reality Check

I just had one of those moments... you know, the ones that hit you in the face with reality? The one that tells me, in particular, "Listen lady... you are alone, with two kids! Get your priorities straight! Your son's science project of building a working propeller, your hormone raging tween daughter's snit fit for the right hair style to a party, your time demanding stressful job, your clingy meowing cat, endless mountain of laundry, dust bunnies, etc. are your priorities! You ain't got no time for knittin' honey!" That is how I feel this week.

One thing that gnaws at my core is the sight of idle needles for more than 24 hours. If it has to occur, it is truly because I have no time to sit my little arse down to pick them up.

I envy people like Stephanie from Yarn Harlot who I am a total fan of. The amount of beautiful creations that slip off her needles is amazing! If you check out yesterday's Harlot Post, you'll see what I mean.

This post is just an excuse to babble and not repeat myself... so... no pics... no finished cotton top or socks. :o)

Until the next post...


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