Tuesday, 26 February 2008

More white stuff... ARGH!!!

You guessed it! It is snowing again and that means more shovelling tonight. I started the taebo workout on Sunday and my muscles are still screaming. I can imagine how much more they will scream tonight when I pick up the shovel. Another few centimetres will be added to Mount Everest... well that is if I can shovel that high! So the verdict is - 5cm today and another 5 to 10cm overnight. I'll be shovelling in the dark at 5am tomorrow morning. Just stay out of my way as I may dump snow on some unexpected passerby.

As mentioned, the workout routine is included into my weekly schedule now. I plan on doing it 3 to 4 times a week. It is taebo done with elastic bands. I was only able to complete 21 of the 55 minutes. My daughter had a great laugh at her mother's expense. The beginning of the workout went well! I was all pumped up, full of energy and totally determined to do this. After about 15 minutes, I was supposed to lift those elastic bands above my head still... Are they nuts??? I was barely able to get them past my boobs! and I couldn't feel my arms anymore. Yesterday, my abs, obliques, every arm muscle, shoulder and shoulder blades, butt and thighs were in pain. Don't get me wrong! I love that pain... the one that says you've worked out and it feels great! Let's see how long I can keep this up!

Snow days at school are getting a little much. My parental leave is supposed to be for when my kids are sick, not when the school buses don't run! Living outside of the city has its advantages, but sometimes it's a pain. Country living is still number one for me though... with the deer, rabbits, moose, coyotes, the raccoons, the skunks, the fishers... *sigh* Okay... I am in the suburbs of a getting to be a city town but I only have to walk one kilometre and I am in the wilderness. :o)

On a day like this, it makes me want to run home, put on my warm fleece and slippers, make a fresh pot of coffee and knit away while watching the snow fall. I'll have the bubble bath going seconds after my shovel is hung.

Until the next post...


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