Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Knitters and Felines - Fate or Coincidence?

A thought came to mind after reading Knitter's Blogs, responding to Ravelry messages and reading posts on my favorite knitting forum that many knitters own cats. Noticeably, their feline pets are always considered as family and mentioned regularly in posts, messages and blogs.

I am no stranger to cats and knitting as I've had cats most of my life and have been knitting for about 20 years.

Inevitably, my cat (and I am sure many others) is actively involved in the process of every project I undertake. Whether it is supervising the work by sitting in my lap while I am knitting, or totally making a statement by preventing me from working on the piece at all, she sure does make my knitting life interesting. Her authoritative demeanour says "Don't you dare move me" when she is in the way or when I get the innocent "Who me?" look while she threw one of my needles off the table. And we cannot forget the questionably confused look "Why did you do that? It was so much fun!" when I take away the strands hanging from my work in progress.

When it comes to opening up pattern books to pick out a new project, my furry friend is there to advise me by strongly suggesting the pattern that she is sitting on. Without a doubt, my yarn stash is a favorite spot of hers as well.

No matter how much she fiddles with my needles, giving me the look to tell her otherwise, or critically delays my yarn winding, it certainly would not be the same without her.

So why is it that so many knitters own cats? Is it that we are used to seeing the familiar picture of a kitten with a ball of yarn? Could it be the possibility of feline fur reminds us all of rovings or the soft texture of the angora yarn? We all have our own reasons, I suppose. I am just an animal lover... never really associated it with knitting myself. :o)

I will be back to posting pics tomorrow. :o) I will be reunited with my camera! (technically, it is my boyfriend's camera but I use it 99.9% of the time)

Until next post...


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