Thursday, 14 February 2008

Joys of Finishing... CONCLUSION!

It's sweethearts day! I love Valentine's Day. :o) While sipping my first coffee of the morning, I hid in the kitchen waiting for my kids to come downstairs, half asleep and then saw their eyes light up when they spotted the Valentine goodies on the dining room table. They read the little notes left on hearts stickies and indulged in a chocolate. When they finally noticed me standing there they ran up and gave me a hug. Nothing beats hugs. :o)

My daughter baked a cake last night (and yes, she did it all by herself... Impressive!) and I decorated it for desert tonight. Yummy!

I'm not sure what my BF has in store for me, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

Let's get to the real reason why I am writing... no excuse of a post to say that nothing is done on the knitting front...


Ta da! It is finished! done! fini! I did it on time for the deadline too! And now... I can knit something else! The color of this top is totally bland and with Christmas and Valentine's Day as the recent celebrations, I am in the mood for knitting in red!

Now because I finished my CBE, I indulged in the Vogue Knitting Magazine. I couldn't wait to purchase it because there were many patterns I liked in the winter 2007/08 issue.

I was chit chatting with my knitting cousin and aunt and they would love to get our little knitting group going again. I have been so busy in the past year with the new house, new BF and all, that knitting went almost to nil. In the last couple of months, I had been missing it terribly. Meeting with my little family knitting group will surely motivate me to knit even more as I anticipated seeing finished projects from everyone.

Yesterday was ANOTHER snow day... so many snow days! Now tell me please, how am I supposed to keep shoveling up?? This is the Mount Everest my keys are lost in and the city drain on the street is very close to it. I kneel in front of Mount Everest daily asking it to keep my keys safe. The pic was taken at 9pm and yes... now at 11pm, it is STILL snowing!!!

Well, it's late and I have yet to let my moderator know that my projects were finished on time. I am off to send a picture to my knitting forum, then it's a long relaxing bubble bath and bed.

Until next post...


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