Friday, 22 February 2008

It's Official! I am Stitchin' and Bitchin' Again.

Mark your calendars! Our little Stitch n' Bitch group had our first meeting in ages last night at my house. This will hopefully be the first of many weekly get-togethers to come.

About 8 years ago, we had started this little group as I have very creative relatives. Two of my cousins, my aunt and my Mom also enjoy knitting and other crafts.

Our little group had stopped meeting due to busy schedules and just not taking the time to set anything up. A couple of weeks ago, my cousin brought it up and suggested that we start meeting again. I offered to have it at my place (as a mother of four kids, I think she needed a break! LOL!), made banana bread and muffins (ok, so the muffins burnt and the bread was undercooked but quickly solved it by sticking it back in the oven) and we had a good chat.

Here's to doing it again this coming Thursday and be ready girls... I'll have the camera! Gotta have pictures too!

The Ottawa Sens logo is partly on the knitting chart and I will keep working diligently on that one. I will post pics later this week.

Big surprise... BIG NEWS!!! Guess WHAT??? The white stuff is hitting us again! 10 to 15cm of the stuff will fall again. I am so thrilled! NOT! :o)

I'll be starting a new workout routine over the weekend. I will keep you posted on that one.

Until the next post...


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