Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Get with it! Get organized!

A young lady in my office has recently started knitting. She has knitted scarves and shawls but is bored because there is not enough shaping. She told me she was ready to try knitting a sweater. I gladly advised her on choosing an easy pattern. Once she had found a pattern she liked, she came to me asking if she would be able to knit it. It's an easy stocking stitch pattern with no ribbing and is perfect for a beginner. I assured her that I would be there to help her if she got stuck along the way.

She is so eager to get started! Her energy and enthusiasm is very contagious and motivates me to get clicking.

The time for knitting is the issue for me. Motivation is not. My head is always swirling with ideas of patterns and textures to create mixed in with the stress of doing household chores and spending time with my kids. My mornings are also a hectic race and I always end up being late. This is something I never used to do. I have to do something about this! It is driving me nuts and I feel like I am always running.

My resolution is as follows:

1 - Make a morning routine.

2 - Make a schedule / routine for the usual after work chores (homework with kids, dinner, dishes, school lunches, laundry, kids' bathtime and bedtime)

3 - Schedule my time after the kids are in bed (time for knitting, digital photography, blogging, practise fiddle, work on my Spanish)

4 - Make time on the weekends to write down a menu of meals for the weekdays and shop for necessary ingredients. Use my slow cooker more.

I will let you know of my progress. :o)

Until the next post...


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