Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Sock, The BF, The Willie...

I was not in the mood to work on the finishing of my cotton top last night. I get like that a lot with finishing projects... they make me run away from them, hoping they will disappear and finish themselves. Then I get the shock of my life when I discover them a couple of years later, still unfinished with a pattern lost or the yarn label missing. I have to admit that I am itching to start something new, buy more yarn or patterns but I am restraining myself... holding on by a thread. I picked up a free pattern from Bernat at Walmart last night... it was free! Nothing bought! Knowing that I couldn't start a new project until that PIGS (Project in Grocery Sack) was completed, I took out the sock that I seem to be endlessly knitting.

Inspecting the sock and flipping it side to side (trying not to let that visible line going up the cuff bother me), I was curious to know how it fit on my foot. I surely didn't want a repeat of the maternity dress! So... DPNs (double pointed needles) sticking out, I carefully slipped my foot through the top of the sock and nestled my heel where it was supposed to go. It fit!!! It fit!!! These are MY socks... MINE! Well... only 75% of a sock but still... it is MINE! Look!

As you can tell, I don't make too many things for myself. Actually, the cotton top and these socks are second and third projects for myself. I had made a pair of ratty mitts about 20 years ago in my first year of knitting. Oh! We can't forget the maternity dress but that doesn't count. It went on to be slippers... and they weren't for me. I mostly knit for others... I just like seeing their reaction when I give it to them. :o)

Ever heard of the myth "Never knit your boyfriend a sweater"? I believe in that myth whole heartedly. Too much love, time and effort would go into knitting that sweater and to risk having it lying in my closet/stash/bin half completed because the relationship ended is not worth it. Did you know someone actually published a pattern book with that myth in mind? Check it out! This is only the picture of the book but they do sell it at Chapters. How cool is that!!! I can pick something from this book.

Or I can totally embarass him with one of those willy warmers! (Imagine the questions from my kids while it is on my needles) Ever see those? There is a free pattern available! If you haven't a clue what a willie warmer is... click on the picture link... if you still can't figure it out... GOOGLE IT! :o)

Willie Warmer Picture

Willie Warmer Pattern

I've asked my BF what he would like but he already has a VERY expensive Cashmere scarf, doesn't wear hats and he's allergic to wool as well. I want to knit something that is fashionable of course. Whatever I decide, it will be something he chooses. I've thought of showing him my pattern books and magazines... those may hold something knittable for him.

On that note... Happy Knitting and until the next post...


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