Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Tangled in Skeins

Last night was an interesting bus ride home. Not only were the streets slick with the white stuff, the driver thought it exciting to take corners at an excessive speed. I wonder if sometimes drivers do it on purpose to get a laugh at passengers who slip off their seats and land on their a**es in the middle of the aisle, or standing passengers dangling on for dear life holding on to the bar (which is always too high for me) or spin around the pole to eventually land on someone's lap. I have to tell you that I have an embarassing bad habit of laughing when things like this happen... It's just a reaction... not out of maliciousness. So if after you take a spill, you see a crazy woman running away and laughing hysterically, please, don't get mad... it's totally uncontrollable for me.

Back to my story... I was sitting in my seat (nearest to the aisle on another old bus with rubber seats... just my luck! Those buggers are slippery when it's cold!), knitting away the sock I am dying to finish, and the driver decides to turn his first sharp corner. Well... my knitting bag flew onto the lap of the lady sitting next to me along with my lunch bag. Meanwhile, my left hand is holding on to the sock for dear life hoping it won't fall to the wet dirty floor and lose stitches. After repositioning myself in my seat and apologizing to the lady, I gathered my stuff and arranged it neatly on my lap as it had been before.

I was comfortably lost in stitches again when the driver veered the bus sharply in the other direction. I frantically put a foot out in the aisle to steady myself and put a hand on all my belongings on my lap and thankfully saved my behind from impending doom. My wonderful BF, who thought I didn't see him, was having a hoot watching me and laughing. My inner voice was grumbling.

I decided to keep one foot in the aisle and be prepared for the next flying around the corner turn. Engrossed in finishing the darn sock and of course thinking that I had everything covered, a passenger ran up the aisle to get to the exit door. I could feel the pain before it happened and didn't have time to move my foot quickly enough. My little toe (which has one huge corn callus) was searing in pain after having been stomped on by a heavy male winter boot. This time, my inner voice started muttering out loud holding back all profanity as best it could.

I withheld my tears of pain and pulled at more yarn in my bag to keep knitting and it was stuck... I pulled a little more and then yanked and it came out of the middle of the skein in a tangled mess. The sock returned to the knitting bag and I held on to the post in front of the seat with one hand while holding my belongings with the other. Not a productive bus ride.

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