Monday, 14 January 2008

A Productive Weekend!

The weekend was a memorable one for me. :o)

Friday night, I planned a picnic in the basement with the kids. Needless to say, they were thrilled (so was I)! As soon as he heard the news, my son took charge and ran upstairs to get a blanket. My daughter gathered paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic utensils. The menu consisted of rolled colored flat bread with chicken, meatballs in cranberry sauce, cheese and crackers, pasta salad, juice boxes and pudding for dessert. YUM! We popped the movie High School Musical 2 (extended version) in the DVD players and I was shocked that both my kids knew almost all the lyrics to all the songs!

Saturday morning, we invited a little neighbor over to play with my son while that gave me a chance to clean the house and go through my growing yarn stash in my bedroom. Knitters would have drooled over the bags and bags of yarn on the floor. I started cataloguing all that I had and realized that it was time for me to start knitting more and shop less. Easier said that done! When the yarn shop is calling your name and the new patterns and yarns are begging you to bring them home, how can a knitaholic resist???

Pirates of the Carribean was the game of choice on Saturday afternoon. Santa Claus brought my son three Mega Blok building sets. Two of them were ships and one was a pirate village. As a family, we built one of the ships and it's a beauty. It was the best thing Santa could have brought for him at Christmas. He spend countless hours commanding the ship, battling storms and encountering many enemies at sea. Mom gives this toy a thumbs up!

This week I am planning to finish the hat I am knitting so I can work on my PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) this upcoming weekend. I still have some major digging to do as I lost... well.... misplaced the pattern for my cotton top I was knitting in the summer of 2004. The books I have to go through are endless!! Many nights of page turning ahead. :o)

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