Thursday, 10 January 2008

Okay... so I've been neglecting my posts...

With real good reasons of course. You know... the kids take up my time, the boyfriend, the job, the hobbies, the unexpected trips to the hospital... But hey... it's all about life, right?

On the family front, I am happy to report that my daughter is going through the changes of life. At 12 years old, after about 8 months of talking back, not cleaning her room, being smarter than me and totally hating my boyfriend (though she snuggles up to him any chance she gets) I am finally accepting the fact that she is becoming a young lady. BWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I feel soo OOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDD!!! Okay... I have my composure back and having bird every now and then is healthy. :o)

The clicking of the needles are now being heard on a regular basis in my living room/boyfriend's living room (yarn and needles have invaded his place as well... hey a knitter needs space to stash, I am sure all you knitters agree) and on the bus. My creative juices are flowing wildly and my knitting New Year's resolution is to finish all my unfinished projects (over 30 of them I am sure) and of course knit the yarn that was bought for specific projects... some that reek havoc on my conscience.

I have joined my first CBE (character building exercise) on my regular knitting forum which involves in picking PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sack) and finishing them by a certain date. You are not allowed purchasing any yarn, patterns or other knitting related materials or even start a new project until your PIGS are completed. This helps reduce the amount of bags lying around with projects in them which are stashed in closets, trunks, corners of the house, by the couch, in knitting baskets around the home (and of course it makes space for more yarn and PIGS in the future. HAHA!)

During the first week of January, I designed a sweater in my head and I can totally visualize it. It is a Christmas sweater for a toddler. The yarn is purchased and sitting in a special bag at home with some mental notes so I don't lose the idea and thousands of other ideas are always swirling around my head. I figure that by the time I actually get to design and knit it, it will be Christmas 2008! Unless the cat gets to the yarn first, then I'm in trouble.

I wanted to share with you readers a wonderful beanie hat pattern. I totally commend the designer on her creativity talents as it is an absolute project to put on my list of things to knit. Scroll down to see the hat and pattern. Beanpole Beanie

Until the next post... hopefully sooner than months away.


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