Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Lost and Found

Serves me right to go in my knitting closet without a map or directions. I was totally energized when I got home last night and ready to conquer the battle of the unorganized stash.

I had it all planned out timewise! 7pm to 9pm I was going to take pictures of all my yarn, PIGS and finished projects by 9pm and then from 9pm to 11pm transfer everything to the computer and start putting everything on Ravelry. I was so proud of myself for actually setting aside a whole evening to doing the inventory of my knitting stuff. It all started smoothly, the yarn was flying out of my bins onto my bed where the pics would be taken, the camera was clicking away, my pen was scribbling into a notebook so I could match all the information to the pictures.

Then, it quickly fell apart. My cat was in the midst of it all grabbing at anything she could and I opened the bin with the PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks). I found a wonderful long-sleeved sweater I had knit up for myself but had to finish the sleeves, weave in the ends and sew up the pieces. I dug in the bag for the pattern I had used. NO PATTERN!! I remained calm... I knew exactly which book it was in. It was a Patons leaflet book. I spent a half hour looking through my pattern books and located the one I wanted. I flipped through it quickly and there it was... the pattern that matched the sweater. I was so elated! I put the booklet by the sweater and.... Wait a minute!!! The cable on the sweater I knit was not the same as the one in the booklet! I put my nose to the book and inspected the sweater layed out on the bed. It was a different pattern! It couldn't be!

I ran to my closet and took out my pattern books one by one, leafed through them looking for the pattern frantically. A few minutes passed and I was turning the pages in magazines slower and slower coming across patterns I had not seen in a while that I had mentally noted as future projects. After going through half of my pattern books, I realized it was after 10pm and I was exhausted. I had not even gone through a third of my knitting stuff. Looking at the floor of my bedroom covered in every magazine and book imaginable, I decided to give up for the night and try to win the battle of the stash again tonight. I will leave that pattern aside and finish cataloguing my yarn on the camera and on paper. There! Back on track!

All this aside, I did not work on the current knitting project or the two PIGS which are supposed to be completed by February 14th, one of which has a missing pattern. Two missing patterns to locate. That will be on my agenda tomorrow night so I can be ready to knit again over the weekend.

I'm so happy to be in the yarn world again! It was put aside for a year (except for buying yarn and pattern books) as I was busy settling into the new house and starting a new relationship. I feel I can breathe again! Yippee!

Until the next rambling post...


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