Friday, 25 January 2008

Joys of Finishing! Part Deux

I waited until this evening to take that wonderful top out of the knitting bag once again. And you won't believe it. I weaved, sewed and picked stitches! Woohoo!

Okay... I didn't pick it up last night. Frankly, I didn't feel like it.

Here are some results:

First attempt at sewing the shoulder... UGH!!

Second attempt at shewing shoulder... Better. :o)

Both shoulders sewn!

Picking up stitches at neck edge... I despise this!

All stitches picked up and ready to knit!

Neck edge completed!

Enough for today. I postponed laundry, cleaning, etc. to get this far. Now I have catching up to do!

Of course, my wonderful daughter decided that while I was trying my best to motivate myself, it was time for her to pick up knitting again. She has not knit for years. I had to show her all over again because she HAD to knit a coat for her Webkins horse, ya see? It was a PRESSING issue of UTMOST importance. I smiled, being the good and thoughtful Mom that I am, and gave in.

Here she is concentrating on the k1, p1 rib

And of course, proudly showing off her 3 rows of k1, p1 rib

And it wouldn't be a knitting session whithout Chassie looking on and supervising.

Have a great weekend and until next post...


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