Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Joys of Finishing... ON HOLD!

I've officially accepted that I am losing my brains. As BF always says, it must be age.

My motivation was sky high last night on finishing the cotton top, but it was left in a heap on my coffee table while I stared at it frustrated. Why???? BECAAAAAUUUSE my wonderful little pencil case that holds my scisors, darning needle, measuring tape, etc. was NO WHERE to be found! Remember the searching for the keys story? Well, I turned the house upside down once again and my pencil case is GONE! Like the keys, it must have disappeared into the Twilight Zone... tu ti tu tu tu ti tu tu (ya know that twilight zone sound? ok... so much for sound effects).

After over an hour of searching, digging and flinging things around, I called my BF who was working overtime. Wouldn't you know that even though I didn't take my knitting out of my car while at his place over the weekend, the little pencil case somehow appeared on his dining room table! Hmmmm.... is my knitting trying to tell me something? Or is it a sign that the little cotton top does not want to be finished? Now how it ended up there is beyond me, but I will attempting completing this haunting PIG tonight once and for all!

Furthermore, I had taken pictures of my cotton top lying in a heap on the coffee table, and also had taken pics of my two latest additions to my knitting library. To my dismay, I left the camera at home this morning and now am unable to upload those pictures. I will hopefully post them tomorrow.

Did I mention that I am an Ottawa Senators hockey fan as well? GO SENS GO! I know about all of the controversy on Emery and in my opinion, Gerber is my man! Nothing more for me to say as I don't want this blog to be about hockey, but I do love to watch the game while I knit. :o)

Until the next post...


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